Friday, April 17, 2009

Chapter Eleven: Stupid Mistakes.

Chapter Eleven
Stupid Mistakes

Me and 3abdallas friends were very close.. we went out every now and then kilina with 3abdalla.. they were all like my brothers! The closest friends to him were the closest ones to me which were 7amani and marzoug ..

Gabil la 3abdalla i6ale3 laisena kint amerhum ilfayer wen7oos wenroo7 sultan center nakil ice cream :P fa kint wayed merta7a weyahum maste7i minhum 3adi kina zayneen.. bas fee wa7ed min rabe3hum which is marzougo hes kind of a flirt. He was known in his school as the player he was good looking fa ga9 3ala kil ilbanat.. bas I still luved him as a brother because he made me laugh ;p and plus hes one of 3abdallas oldest friends since they were in middle school..

Fa kan ako times ne6la3 ilfayer me and marzougo and 7amani oo sometimes other guys I don’t know very well.. wekoon 3abdalla nayim fa ma eyey weyana.. sometimes my sisters come along kilmara ghair :p

7amani usually drives and their friend 3ali sits yama , wana wara oo marzougo oo its usually 3abdalla bas this time 3abdalla mo weyana..

kint ga3da oo ekhti kanat weyana.. wela ma ashoof ila marzoug 7a6 his arm on my shoulder.. gelt 6af maybe mo gha9da shay oo I was talking to 7amani ka2ana ma9ar shay 3adi.. we were racing one of their friends which was fun.. wela ma ashoof ila egareb marzougo! Oo eeda 3ala my leg! Okay now im like wtf! Fa I slowly go to the window side and he slowly comes! I was so pissed shlon ga3ed esawi chethi! Im his best friends girlfriend mayeste7i :S then he came closer to me and stuck his face to mine he tried to kiss me I pushed him away getla bas !

he finally moved away getlihum yala im tired oo radayt home.. the next morning gelt 7ag 3abdalla ina I missed him oo I wish he was there, I didn’t tell him exactly what happened bas 3a6ayta naqza ina marzougo went pass the friendship line. Fa 3abdalla started staying up to come with us.

(so this was all gabil la 3abdalla e6ale3 laisena)

but now haman marzoug 6ala3 his laisan but I don’t have one yet.

so marzoug was acting all better since that day he never crossed the line again..i though it was because he learned his lesson, bas 6ela3 it wasn’t. 6ela3 its because we never went out me and him without 3abood.

he called me one day he was bored so was I gali bemerni insolef about stuff getla yeah sure okay.

So he came to pick me up we started talking about his love life and how he has no one now blah blah blah, getla a36eek one week u wont be single ;p chan yeth7ak ;p he asked me how everything was with 3abdalla, getla more than great wala .. getla how lucky I was to find someone like him.. charming, honest, loving, kind, mashala kilshay feeh zayn! He laughed, then he started asking questions about what me and 3abdalla do together in private, getla its none of his business then he started getting flirty again! I don’t know why but I felt kind of scared.. he started getting closer! And holding my hand .. I started telling him bas bas bas morathi he gives up! He kissed me! And I told him to stop it! Gali 3abdalla mara7 yadri getla mo 3an getla bas ma abi ana! He kept pressuring me :S until I gave up :s he told me 3abdalla mara7 yadri latgoleenla shay getla ok.. wa9alni home I jumped on my bed and started cryiiiinng! How could I do this to 3abdalla!? Hes been nothing but honest with me! I love him too death!!! And I know he loves me too! I cant ignore this like it never happened! It did happen! I should have did something about it !

Noura: “3abdalla :(”

3abdalla: “shfeech 7ubi?”

Noura: “:’’’’’’’((((((”

3abdalla: “shfeeech lat5ar3eeeni chethi !”

Noura: “I did something really bad! And u may never speak to me again! :(”

3abdalla: “laaa shda3wa goleeli shfeech!”

Noura: “I kissed marzoug :S im sorrrrrrrrryyy ! I couldn’t keep this from u.. I would understand if u never wanna talk to me again bas u have to know its because I love ina I had to tell u! he pressured me wala 3abdalla ! I didn’t want to! Ur the one I want! Im sorryyy”

3abdalla: “aha ok”

Noura: “3abdalla wala sorry, lo ma7ebik chan khashayt minik! Bas magedart! U mean the world to me! I feel worse than u feel malyon mara”

3abdalla: “if I kissed ur friend how would u feel? Would u think I love u?”

Noura: “its not like that! U know marzoug ohwa wayed flirt oo eqa9ib ilwa7ed!”

3abdalla: “aah fa mat3arfeen itwakhreena? Oo etdezeena ? aw etdegeen 3alay? Lama banat min our school egoloonli 3abdalla ge6ni ilbayt aw deg 3alay oo ya36oni naqzat ildenya, ana agoluhum la! La2ana ana 3endi wa7da amoot feeha! Bas ehya shakilha matmoot feeni”

Noura: “u know that’s not true! Amooot feek oo akthar ba3ad wala 3abdalla sorry inas yaqle6oon sometimes I panicked I didn’t know what to do! Im sorry walaaa”

3abdalla: “im not enough for u, u had to go kiss my friend”

Noura: “:’( im sorrrryyy wala I wish u’d understand my place in this!”

3abdalla: “khalas akalmich later”

Noura: “I love u.”

As I layed on the bed thinking to myself what an idiot I was. I may never find a guy like this again! I ruined it! And if he does he will never trust me again! I don’t know what I’d do without him, hes everything to me and more!

The next morning 3abdalla went to school and saw marzoug there. Marzoug didn’t know that I told 3abdalla.. so 3abdalla went up to marzoug and told him ams shsawayt weya nouro? Marzoug goes nothing laysh.. 3abdalla goes etchatheb ba3ad! And pushed him on the wall screaming shsawayt ma3a nouro!!!!!? Marzoug il ghabi goes wala nothing!!!!! 3abdalla started shouting in the hallway until marzoug confessed. 3abdalla was very pissed makint abi a2atheeh wadezla any msj so I didn’t, I waited and waited and waited……

3abdalla: “I cant do this”

Noura: “:\ do what!!?”

3abdalla: “I cant live without u ;s ”

Noura: “:( mee tooo!”

3abdalla: “I thought to myself 3an kilshay! And I understand that people make mistakes and I know how marzoug can be with girls.. but I still think u should have done something bas ba9ik hal salfa mabi asma3 3an hal mawthoo3 again oo ma abeeha ten3ad”

Noura: “inshallllaaaaa… a7ebik tadri ?”

3abdalla: “9adgeeni ana akthar”

in life people make stupid decisions, they don’t think right, then later on they wish they can take it back and erase it forever.. I know u all may think im such a bitch right after reading this post bas 9adgooni I was stupid and young and makint adri how valuable this man was. And how theres no one in this world as half as good of a man as 3abdalla is.


love ;** said...

like you said people make mistakes, no one is perfect bs aham shay ina you learn from your mistakes and for 3bdullah to have forgiven you just shows how much he cares mashalah 3laih !

But Marzouq such an ass, 3bdullah is a close friend shino he didnt think of him? o aham shay egolich he wont know trust me nothing can remain a secret in the end someone will know.

I am really enjoying your posts babe ;**

Noura said...

yes this post was to prove and show how amazing 3abdalla is, cuz i dont know what i would do if he did that to me.. he's a very very sweet guy.. i love this man!
and for marzoug i know he pisses me off ALOT! thanks for ur support love!

ba6ah said...

i really like it too the whole blog mn jd i can't wait to read ur next posts <3

and for this one i think u were right to tell 3bdallah what really happened 3la 6wl cuz if he found out about it from someone else or after a period of time he might not be as forgiving as he was

Anonymous said...

Hi noura, u both share amazing feelings towards eachother.
Like u said, u've made mistakes. 3bdulla has too. and I think he forgave you bcuz it wasnt only ur fault. It was 3bdulla's fault for letting u go out with his friends at 3 am in the morning.. ya3ni '3alat. It's not about trust or anything like that, im sure u trust eachother more than anything.. but still.
And ur wrong bcuz, u kept it away from 3bdulla the first time marzoog tryed. You should have moved away from the first time.. and not let it happen again.
People learn from mistakes, its alright. This shows u how strong u and 3bdulla's relationship is, mashala.. yaraaaab u guys stay together forever! There's nothing better than honesty walla..
keep it upppp :)!

Noura said...

ba6ah: yeaah i hate keeping anything from him i feel like im carrying a load on my head.. i like just saying it , cuz i know whatever he decides i have to deal with it, its my fault..

anonymous: thanks for sharing ur opinion wlaa it means alot, bas i dont think it was 3abdallas fault at all.. e7na noo3na 3adi ne6la3 we have a good time, ohwa mo noo3a egooli latro7een or late6le3een, he justs wants me to get along with his friends and i did .. it wasnt even that when i cheated it was cuz i went out with marzoug alone not knowing what he was thinking, 3abdalla trusts me alot! he never doubted me ever! and i love him because of that.

Cupid ;* said...

don't say how this man was, please say is:(

and you know I was really impressed by the fact that he forgave her, and the moment he said I can't do this, my heart was about to stop:p but it's really hard for a middle eastern guy to over look such situations so he truly is a gem;*

Noura said...

cupid loooool khalas this man is not was ;p
9adgooni no one was impressed that he forgave me more than i was impressed! i didnt think he would at all!
hehe thanks for ur comments ;*

Anonymous said...

i dont like ur story i think u r a low trash bss u r sayin the truth we all make mistakes o0 inshala u know that what ur doin it's a mistake 2 .
wanna write , write about ur country and how u love it mo 3an ur love stories 7bait hatha o0 kissed him o0 madrii shnoo ..
walla 2na el7mar elli ga3ed aqra
bss shasawii tafkerich ma7dod 3la goultich closed mind walla hatha entay etha u think elopen minded chethiii
walla 5laitaw som3at elbnat bel2r'6 malat 3la wayhich entay o0 5watich
2na ba3ref shay wa7ed omich o0 oboch wain .. wainhom 3ankom etha kelmarra 7ajzeen sea shell jle3a o0 brou7kom la o0 entay 16 ba3ad
wala eldenya e5tarbet ..
mako sh'3el 7a6atlii kissed him la o0 ba3ad nam yammi law enta e5tii chan 76aitich o0 dest fba6nich 5arra feech entay o0 3boudich fougich
o0 slamatkom ;***

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Noura said...

i have one thing to say to u, madam u hate the story so much, why the hell did u read it lay ilchapters ili a7jiz seashell oo i kissed him oo kil hatha? fa as u said in ur words, te6la3 int li7mar.. oo thani shay inta mat3arefni 3ashan teg3ad itgool 3ani trash oo madri shnw, lateg3ad itsebni na oo khawati oo 3abdala oo kil ili ga3ed yegroon bas 3ashan INTA mo 3ajbik ? shsasaweelik mathalan? mo 3ajbik ako button loona a7mar er3a9 3alaih, mo itsawi nafsik rayal oo teg3ad itseb hatha bas ebayin ina mako zbala ghairik.. 7amdila welshiker

Anonymous said...

ya7lailich walla tafkerich '3reeeb ;p
ga3ed aqra shfeha etha grait a9lan 2na ashaje3 elli yaktbon stories o0 weddi taktbeen something else cuase i think ur a good writer bss enfa3lt wayed cause u write about something ya3nii dont worth writin about o0 3addi etha 2seb tra that's the i talk all the time o0 la ykon entay ma etseeben ba3ad ee 9aa7 mashala o0 galb ee 2na 7mar o0 entay 7mara o0 kelna 7ameer
ashkorkom ... ;p

Anonymous said...

how old r u now???

Anonymous said...

I really feel like I don't live here. Lol awal marrah Adry feh girls who actually go out with guys elfayer and do sleepovers o madry sheno.. Anyway, thanks for enlightening me;r lol.

Anonymous said...

when's the next post????

Noura said...

anonymous 1: mushkila ina itgool shay ba3dayn etgool shay thanii, 3adi in6awefha oo i think my story is worth writting maybe u dont think that but i do.

anonymous 2: i am 20 years old now.

anonymous 3: shda3wa ya3ni tara were in kuwait not s3oodiya.

anonymous 4: wala soon inshala i've been really busy this month is soo busy madri laysh!

Anonymous said...

loving ur blog..can't wait for more mashalla ur young :)

Noura said...

thankks :D

DreamerGirl said...

I LOVE your posts, bes lyesh ppl ga3deen wayed judging you and whatever....lyesh y3ni?

Anyone who didn't like such a thing could have chosen not to read further, la?

I wish you and 3abdullah a safe and healthy future:)

Anonymous said...

when is chapter 11 ??? amazing story!

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